We are more and more numerous to  bicycle everyday. For many different reasons, for pleasure, for sports or simply to practice an outdoor activity. The confinement reinforced this trend. Many companies working in this activity area feel sensitive to this demand, developing new products, paying more attention to the equipement 

Evolg proposes different types of gloves especially dedicated to outdoor activities.

RH, Ablaze and Explorer are three technical gloves made for sports addicted people, men and women. They were imaginated and produced with the newest patented technologies such as : DMA FLEECE® ou HIPORA. These materials enable our gloves to keep you warm even in the worst conditions, while letting moisture out for instance.

But this is not all. As you probably already understood, one of Evolg’s greatest qualities is to keep using your smartphone, wearing your gloves, in all conditions. This Japanese technology invented by Evolg is called SLIDE-TEC®.

Soft gloves, colorful, elegant with both knit and leather ? All those peculiarities you will find in Evolg Glove collection, even for the sportswear gloves ! In fact, even the three previous models we noticed have a trendy design, whatever they are made for men or women. 


The RH item for instance is a very colorful glove made of polyesther and leather for finger prints, so as to make it touchscreen. The palm is also made of a nonskid material which will help you using it without any fear of an accident !


For the « Ablaze », we are talking about a glove made of Japanese wool, which exists in 3 bright fashion colours. The stripes you can see over and into the palm of the hand ensuring a safety grip. You can still enjoy the soft touch and feeling of a wool glove, with rare technical qualities. 


Let us finish with the Explorer item, with its urban look, ready for sports or just city practice. Its soft fleece on the top of it and will give you a sporty look, while you will still benefit of the Diper ID technology to unlock and use your smartphone as easily as with any other glove.

Now you just need to find a bike !