Evolg Europe offers the best of Japan : Tradition and Technology

In Japan in 2022, it would be an absolute nonsense to wear gloves that would not enable you to use your smartphone. It should very soon be the same in Europe. 

Because this is the main purpose of Evolg in 2008 : find the best possible technology to offer a range of gloves that will enable the most precise use of your mobile phone. Therefore it took 2 years of research and development : The gloves are directly produced with conductive yarns at the fingertips.  The name of the brand EVOLG is the reverse of GLOVE. 

Our mission, as a French Distributor, is to help European consumers discover Evolg as the best possible gloves brand for the use of their smartphone. Tradition and technology you can find in Evolg range. That is the reason why the brand will be sold in the best shops all over Europe, starting with France and Germany.

All knitted gloves are entirely made in Japan, using the best wool from Bishu, in a 70 years old factory. They provide consumers comfort and warmth.

All leather and cut and sewn gloves are made in Asia, with the best materials from Japan and Italy. Every glove is perfectly touchscreen.

Evolg is one of the very few brands specialized in touchscreen Gloves, with a large range of different styles. Moreover, co-branding with different brands and partners – Tokyo Bike, MOMA, Beams… - has been a successful strategy.

After   first establishing   in Japan, its natural market, then a development in the United States, Evolg is now starting to sell in Europe, with our company based in the North of France. More than 80 shops will sell the brand in France, Germany, Switzerland or Luxembourg for this second winter season, and even towns like Varsovia or Copenhagen.