Evolg Europe offers the best of Japan : Traditional production, and technological innovation

In Japan in 2024, it would be an absolute nonsense to wear gloves that would not enable you to use your smartphone. It should very soon be the same all over Europe. 

Because this is the main purpose of Evolg in 2008 : Two years of research and development to control the best possible technology in the world to make your gloves perfectly touchscreen. Evolg has already existed for 14 years. 

Then it really started in 2010, the first range of tactile and quality gloves you could find, knitting only for a start. The gloves are directly knitted with conductive yarns at the fingertips. Impossible to be more precise and durable. Then the brand started to evolve, mixing wool and leather for instance, while conserving the same precise technology, any material they may use. Today the gloves are produced in two factories in Japan, where they produce slowly, few quantities, high quality. One of them is situated on an island south of Japan - the biggest factory. The other one is right in the middle of Japan. 

The name of the brand "EVOLG" is the reverse of the world "GLOVE". Fumio has always been fond of word games.

My mission, as a french distributor, is to make Evolg become a famous brand all over Europe : an authentic Japanese product with high technology and comfort, sold in the best European shops. 

Evolg adventure in Europe is at first the discovery of another culture, another way of operating, which makes you think and move forward. 
Meeting Fumio, my partner at the far end of the world - on my right side -has been quite an experience. Communication has been quite difficult during the first two - or three - years, but it has been much better since we shared sushis and couple of sake together in his favourite pub in Tokyo. Now I can say that we learned to understand and respect each other. Every new Zoom meeting is easier than the previous one. And I must also say that Toru, on my left side on the photo, who was born in Hawaï, fluent in english, with a perfect understanding of our western culture, is essential in our success. 

All leather gloves are entirely designed and produced in Japan, with the best materials from Japan and Italy. Every glove is perfectly touchscreen. This small part of the range is an unexpected success this winter : a few hundred pairs only, but almost everything has already been bought by our partner shops. Should be developped within the years to come.

Evolg is one of the very few brands specialized in touchscreen Gloves, with a large range of different styles. Moreover, co-branding with different brands and partners – Tokyo Bike, MOMA, Beams Japan which is a kind of former "Colette"… - has been a successful strategy.

After   first establishing   in Japan, its natural market, then a development in the United States, Evolg has now started to sell in Europe, with our company based in the North of France. This is the place where all products come from, for a good service, and cheap and quick deliveries. Catalogues and photos even come from north of France, or belgium last 2023 winter. Maroquinerie shops is the new target for 2024, between Longchamp and Lancel.