Evolg knitted gloves are entirely created, designed and produced in Japan, with the best materials, chosen with care and attention. My Japanese partners were not conscious at first that the "Made in Japan" was important for us - as european consumers. The few products made in China they sold us at first did not encounter a big success. Therefore our cut and sewn connected gloves are also entirely produced in Japan. That means the leather comes from Italy, the wool from Bishu in Japan. And the final product is made in a Japanese factory.  Evolg has always paid attention to the durability and quality of its products, regularly testing them in laboratories. 

100 % Made in Japan Production

My Japanese partner Fumio works with two factories in Japan, one situated in the middle of Japan, and the other one on a southwest island - actually the main factory. Knitting is made by machine, exactly the one you can see on the photo on the left which I personnaly took end of august 2023. The machine also is made in Japan. At the back of the machine are the coils, one of them containing the conductive yarn, with the chosen colour.
After the knitting operation, every pair will be manually checked, every little yarn which is not necessary cut with scissors. Then the label will be sewed, on a small machine by hand ths time. 

 Another important operation will be the steam ironing, so that every hand looks perfectly flat and similar to the other one - no detectible difference between one another.  All these operations are made in the same factory. 

A last inspection will be done on each pair, before it is introduced into the packaging. The last operation will be the packing into boxes, before the whole production is sent into a warehouse situated close to Tokyo. 

This warehouse is the final place where products are stored.  All the orders will be processed from this very place : every shop in Japan, and the big orders of the distributors from Europ and United States. 

My Japanese partners sticks to buying Japanese yarns. We - European consumers - know perfectly the great quality of their denim - photo here under right - but the quality of their mixed wool yarns produce great qualities of yarns with dazzling and unique colors in the world.  The price to pay is that the producers are not very numerous, and  supplying can sometimes be complicated, as it is was last year for instance. Production can be very limited, which reminds us that we are talking about an artisanal and rare product, which you can feel when you visit the factory.  A glove production as a symbol of Japan, always swinging or hesitating between tradition and modernity.