After a few years spent working with « made in France » brands, I felt like opening my mind and discovering new people, other cultures through my job: fashion and web.

My first idea was to identify all the existing brands of gloves in the world (fashion gloves, urban gloves), select the best of them, and create a website specialized in this type of gloves, for men and women. I had noticed a very simple thing : only  few people could name a glove brand; a brand that could make you dream. THE brand everybody knows, everybody loves, for both men and women.

So I started searching brands of gloves : in the United-States, in Iceland, Norway, going through Italy and Brazil. And I came to this simple conclusion : nothing great to notice.

And I visited Japan. And I discovered Evolg. I had this immediate feeling I was discovering the best brand of gloves in the world. Gloves thought for smartphones. What a brilliant idea ! An incredible technology : the best in the world. With great look and comfort. Mixing crazy colors and improbable materials. Leather and knit, I had never seen anywhere else. Crazy gloves for women, with long camel or pink hair. But always careful with quality and authenticity, using the latest technology, focused on a main goal : the use of the smartphone, an item each of us always has in his hand.

I was also tempted by the idea of gloves coming from Japan. More exciting than gloves made next door. Maybe more serious too ? So I sent a message to Fumio and Toru. And after long months of emailing and Zoom meetings, we decided to take the plunge : they accepted to work with a French guy – can we trust them – and myself with foreigners at the far end of the world.  

After a first test season, serious things are starting now. Fifty shops in France decided to trust us, and believe in this product which may soon become unavoidable. About ten other shops in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium or Poland. Maybe the beginning of a successful French-Japanese adventure. Glove story. Just a simple nice story.


                                                                                                              Arnaud LOISEL