It has been precisely 14 years since Fumio, the Japanese creator of EVOLG Brand - GLOVE upside down - invented the best possible technology to use your smartphone with your gloves. Two years of research and development, for a perfect use, with no serious competitor, with wool or leather. Patents applied  for production methods. The brand was launched in 2010.

Second time : a subsidiary company is created in the United States. Because in 2024, when you buy a pair of gloves, they have to be touchscreen. No doubt it has become a prerequiste. In 2010 it was probably a bit too soon. Too visionary. Today the market is ready. Even the MOMA in New-York present them in their shop. 

2021 : A European company starts distributing the japanese Brand. Us. We are based in the North of France, in charge of the whole distribution of the brand for the continent. After 3 years of collaboration, we were sold last winter in about 80 shops : France mainly, but also Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany of course. 

EVOLG is starting having success today thanks to its great technology, but also because Fashion often comes from Japan. 50% of the comics sold in France today are mangas. A Japanese brand is a good idea. And after three seasons working together, things are getting easier. We bet we may be at the beginning of a  successful french-Japanese adventure. Nice glove story.